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WordPress Themes

So many WordPress themes out there, paid or even free & still you can’t find what you really want. This is where we come in, what you need is a custom designed theme for your WordPress site or blog. We offer great & custom theme design, HTML & CSS skills.

If you’re a designer or creative agency, we offer great rates for outsourcing this type of front-end coding to us. All we need is the PSD files & a well detailed brief. We’re very professional & we have great turn-around time.

Web Design

We’ve been designing websites since the 90’s & absolutely love the way it has evolved over the years. Web design is an important part of our landscape, we love being part of the design process. Our designers are creative & love what they do. We do most of the design in-house & love being top of the latest trends & technologies out there.  Custom website & theme design is what set us apart from the rest, we design & build custom website templates for almost any CMS, specializing in WordPress CMS.