WordPress Themes

So many WordPress themes out there, paid or even free & still you can’t find what you really want. This is where we come in, what you need is a custom designed theme for your WordPress site or blog. We offer great & custom theme design, HTML & CSS skills.

If you’re a designer or creative agency, we offer great rates for outsourcing this type of front-end coding to us. All we need is the PSD files & a well detailed brief. We’re very professional & we have great turn-around time.

WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS is our weapon of choice. It’s a great CMS for any size business, may it be start-up or enterprise. WordPress is highly scalable & easy to customize to fit your online needs. We’ve been using WP the past 4 years and never looked back, it’s easily the best CMS out there. It makes the CMS bit easy for our customers, they don’t get lost in code & layers upon layers of navigation. It’s simple, easy & very affordable option. Contact us to get your own WordPress website or blog. We also use WordPress along with WooCommerce, a powerful ecommerce plugin, to build & create awesome online stores.

Interface Design

We also have a very long user interface design history, as in our early days our software careers started by designing & scaling user interfaces to software our team developed. Dashboards & interactive data capturing solutions for web, mobile & handheld devices.

We have extensive knowledge in user experience & interface design. Let us help you with designing your interface, app or software.

Shipping API’s

Having an online store means you have to ship things & therefor you need to provide the online user to choose his/her type of shipping & also pay for it, if you’re not running a freemium model.  There are just a few shipping companies in South Africa offering this API service, but in the rest of the world, it is standard practice to have one available & thus makes it possible to offer real-time quotes & tracking on shipping to anywhere in the world.

Talk to us to get your shipping integrated into your online store & take the hassle out if shipping.